Gift Certificates are the Perfect Gift

WreathSome people say that gift certificates are too impersonal.  They would rather buy something the person needs than to take the easy way out and buy a gift certificate.  Well, in my opinion, that is just WRONG!

I have been given a (wrong scale, no motor) British style passenger trolley that  was intended as a decoration, a plastic battery operated train set, and books for the wrong era and railroad, amoung other things that I have blocked from my memory.  So now I tell my family that I’d rather get a gift certificate than something they “think” I might need or like.

I can get exactly what I need using a gift certificate.  No wrong scale, no toys, and the right era and railroad.

Did you know that Chuck sells gift certificates?  Make sure your family knows where he is located or how to contact him so they can either pick one up or order one for just-in-time Christmas delivery!