HO General American 37′ Meat Reefer from Rapido

Deadline for reserving these is October 28th, 2011. The deadline has been extended! You still have time to order yours!

Don’s HO Price: $39.95 Singles, $159.80 4-Packs
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The new Rapido USA HO scale wood reefer is based on a design built between 1937 and 1941 by General American Transportation (GARX). This important car has never been available in an HO plastic or ready-to-run model.

Rapido USA 37’ Meat Reefers Feature:

• US prototype
• Complete underbody with all piping
• Super-detailed Barber S-1 trucks
• Insulated metal wheelsets
• Accurate roof hatches and hardware
• See-through brake platforms
• Separate grabs and ladders
• Accurate paint schemes
• Multiple car numbers per scheme
• Metal Knuckle Couplers

The Rapido model has been developed with the help of several noted freight car experts. We would like to thank Richard Hendrickson, Ed Hawkins, Pat Wider and Frank Peacock for their help by providing information on these cars. We especially want to thank Jerry Stewart for his hours of help and design review to make sure that no detail was overlooked when creating this important model.

The first releases of these cars will offer four individual car numbers per paint scheme. These will be available as a four pack (four individual cars shrink wrapped together and easily broken up for individual sale) as well as individual cars. Note that individual cars will be one of the four available road numbers. Future releases will include new car numbers. Click here to view the initial paint schemes…