Jason Shron and his “Canadian on Tour”

We’ve been waiting for this for months (since the tour was announced) and finally June 1st arrived.  Jason brought his pre-production models of “The Canadian” to Moncton as part of Rapido Trains’ “The Canadian on Tour

From the moment he started talking about it you could sense his love for this train and his attention (and addiction) to detail.  As he placed the first car on the tracks he talked a bit about how he uses actual photos of the car or locomotive to produce the molds.  The end product is almost 100% accurate to a specific day and time in the life of the original. You can hear the pride in his products as he talks about them.

He carefully unwrapped each box and slowly the train started taking shape on the tables in front of us.  As each car was placed on the tracks Jason talked about his the cars and their details.  He showed the detail underneath (it seemed like nothing was missed even though it would almost never be seen) and talked about little things like the colour of the tint in the glass and the fact that the blinds are at different heights in every window.  Even more amazing were the interior details that he made sure were in place.  If you could see it through the window of the real train Jason made sure you could see it through the window of the model.

Eventually the whole train (except for locos) stretched out on the tables in front of us.  What an impressive site!  From the exterior and interior details to the working interior lights these passenger cars could be considered works of art.

Then he started unpacking the locomotives.  The A-B-A set of FP9’s in Tuscan Red and Grey was incredible!  The amount of detail Jason managed to put into these locomotive was amazing!  The two VIA versions of the locomotives came next.   Each were slightly different in some details but, according to Jason, were 100% accurate to photos taken on specific days.

We were very pleased with the turnout for this event.  There were about 20 modelers from as far away as Prince Edward Island on hand to listen to Jason and see “The Canadian”.  None of them were disappointed.

When the viewing session was over Chuck thanked everyone for coming and reminded them that they have time to order this set from Rapido.  If you are interested in placing your order you should Contact Us soon!