Leightsen Electronics Products Now Available!

Leightsen-1Many of you may remember Martin Boyles, and his company Leightsen Electronics.   Martin was a regular at all of the Train Shows in the Maritimes for many years, selling electronic supplies and kits to modelers. For various reasons, Martin is unable to make it to most of the Shows lately, but he is very much in business.

Don’s HO Service is pleased that we are now able to offer some of Martin’s extensive line, carrying those electronic supplies that relate specifically to DCC & decoder Installation.

Some of the items that we have in stock at the Shop are:

  • Shrink Tubing in 3/64, 3/32, 1/16 & 1/8 in clear, black, red, yellow, blue & green.
  • Wire, #28ga in Yellow & Orange, #26ga in black.
  • Resistors, 1.5K, 1K & 820 1/4w for LED lights powered by a decoder.
  • Resistors, 22, 33 & 47 ohm for those who prefer 16v bulbs powered by a decoder. (Note: 16V bulbs will run directly off a decoder with no resistor, but the small-value resistor is recommended to buffer start-up shock, & prolong the life of the bulb.)
  • Bulbs, Grain-of-Rice (GOR) 1.5v, 2pk & 6pks 2mm (about 1/16″)
  • Bulbs, GOR, 16V 2mm

Leightsen Electronics can supply many other wiring items — if you’re looking for something special you can contact us!