We now have the full TCS line!


“TCS is dedicated to providing high quality Digital Command Control decoders and harnesses to the DCC industry. We manufacture a wide range of decoders for HO, N, and Z scale.”We now have Canadian access to the entire TCS (Train Control Systems) line.  Have a look at their price list or visit their web site for more information.

T1BEMFI compared their US suggested prices to our prices in the Shop, these are TCS products received from our Canadian supplier in the last few weeks.  I found that our prices for the decoders were 3% to 5% cheaper than the US Funds MRSP in the pdf.  Please use the numbers at the left of the list if you wish to order or ask for a quote.

TCS-Decoder-Wire-In the Shop at the moment we have the A4X, A6X, T1, DP2X, M1, M4, IMF4 and IMFP4. As well, we have Kapton tape, and a good selection of TCS decoder wire in 30 gauge stranded 20 foot lengths, in the eight most common NMRA colours.

TCS has a “No Questions Asked” warranty, and they are the only decoder manufacturer that I know of that has Back Electromitive Force (BEMF) in their entire line. BEMF can be used to improve slow speed performance of some locomotives but the biggest advantage is that locomotives will run at a constant speed whether they are running on the level or going up or down a grade.

I’m on several decoder-type Yahoo lists, and I have never heard anything but praise for their line.

If you are looking for a decoder to install in that new or favorite locomotive you can’t go wrong with TCS.  If you aren’t sure which decoder will fit your particular locomotive contact us and we’ll let you know which one(s) will fit.  Order your TCS decoders today!